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The Women's Shelter

Usindiso Ministries provides temporary accommodation for abused women and their children on our First Floor. The Second Floor is set aside for ladies who are training on the Skills to Furnish Programme. Each floor is registered to accommodate 60 persons, which gives the shelter a capacity for 120 persons including their children. Usindiso Ministries provides basic needs for each woman and child, which includes accommodation, food, toiletries, nappies and clothing, when they are available. These women are referred to us by the police, nearby hospitals, other institutions or they hear about us by word of mouth and arrive on their own.

Our social work department offers counselling, individual and group therapy and discussions. They also assist the women to apply for ID books and grants, where necessary. It is the social work department that interviews the ladies when they first come in to the shelter and determines each woman’s needs and works out a program for each one that will be followed during the course of her stay at Usindiso. This program will be updated and amended during her follow up sessions with the social worker or social auxiliary worker. These ladies are volunteers.

The children are also catered for and attend either our nursery school or are placed into a formal school if the child is not attending school already.

Workshops are held to create awareness of HIV and Aids, Human Rights and their rights as women. Our programmes include Life Skills, Skills for Life, Handcrafts, and we assist the women to find employment and to become whole - spirit, soul and body.

Our babies under two years attend the Baby Day Care during the day (Monday to Friday) when their moms are attending counselling, workshops or going to skills training. This programme is supervised by the social workers and nursery school teachers.

The children with the mothers are from new-born upwards and the number can be anything up to around 45. Boys are accommodated up to the age of eight years and are then transferred to a nearby boys' shelter - during this time the mother is encouraged to be involved in her boy's life.

The length of stay is officially 3 to 6 months, and assessed during the follow up sessions with the social worker.

Access Fee: An access fee of R5 is charged per day and this gives access to the accommodation.

Duty Rosters: Duty Rosters for all residents are posted monthly and the women are expected to do simple duties according to this roster. These include cleaning the passage outside their room, the stairs, kitchen duty, etc. With so many ladies accommodated, a room with two occupants could be on duty once a fortnight.

Our Facility 

We are situated in the old "pass office" at 80 Albert Street, in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. In the days of apartheid, before 1994, our African brothers and sisters had to have a "pass" to be able to enter a city or town. Now the building is used by Usindiso Ministries to uplift people who have been abused and emotionally bruised and to help them to regain their self-worth, confidence and to be able to stand on their own and be a contributing member of society.

For more information on the history of the building - click here.

Baby Day Care Centre

During April 2011, Baobabes' Caryl Kelly worked hard at renovating the Baby Day Care Centre with funds that were generously donated by Societe Generale. The facility that accommodates our little ones Monday to Friday now looks beautiful and bright in the play area and restful in the area where the children rest and sleep.

Here the little ones under 2 years spend the day, when their moms are going to training, counselling or to attend workshops, etc., or are already working. The babies are cared for by qualified staff and child minder trainees, to ensure that they are very well looked after and they thrive and develop as expected.

Usindiso's brightly decorated baby-care area.




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