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Usindiso News Archive

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Older News Articles From 2007

Woman's month function at Usindiso

On the 30th August 2007, a function to celebrate woman’s month was held at Usindiso and was followed by a wonderful lunch that was served by the men on staff. This was really enjoyed by all the ladies!!

Celebratory woman's day lunch. The proud gentleman chefs! The Usindiso ladies and children enjoying the celebrations.

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Happy 4th Birthday Usindiso and many more …

Usindiso Ministries celebrated it’s 4th birthday on the 1st July 2007 with a great function, and a programme made up of song and dance items from the residents and ministry and motivational participation from the board members. This function also marks the start of Sunday Services at Usindiso, aimed mainly at the residents, but open to everyone who would wish to attend.

Much hard work and many long hours were put in by the residents, as they practiced their items, to make sure that everything was exactly right on the day. The ladies sang, teenagers and children danced and the board members motivated everyone with scripture readings and prayer and Usindiso Ministries was rededicated to the Lord.

After a morning of joy, song and prayer, everyone enjoyed a wonderful lunch that had been prepared by the residents.

The welcome address and
opening prayer was given by
Ms. Jay Bradley.
God's Heart, the message for
the event, was delivered by
Vern Tisdalle.
A poem was recited by Teneshia,
telling how being at Usindiso
has helped her.
A prayer re-dedicating Usindiso
to the Lord, was delivered by
Glyn Weldschidt.
Chairman of the Board,
Les Sanabria, sang at
the celebrations.
Chris Kruger led the
congregation in thanks.
Some young attendees! Vivian Moila delivered a
motivational talk.
A dance by the Usindiso Teenagers.

The Usindiso Karate Kids! The Usindiso Children celebrated with a dance.
The happy congregation.

Congregation at the first of the Sunday Services
held for the residents at Usindiso and people
from the surrounding area.
Some of the Usindiso Board members who
participated in the service and celebrations.

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Usindiso Ministries Building Declared Heritage Site

The plaque declaring the Usindiso 
Ministries Building a Heritage Site

Our building at 80 Albert Street, was recently declared a Heritage Site by the City of Joburg’s Department of Arts, Culture and Heritage.


The Central Pass Office at 80 Albert Street was a key checkpoint of the influx control system under apartheid. The hated pass document or "Dompas" which controlled the movement of African people was issued here. From these offices countless people were expelled from Johannesburg. Those without a pass were 'endorsed' out of town, or sent to work as convicts on white-owned farms.

The first pass office on this site was built soon after the Anglo Boer South African War when pass laws were re-imposed by the British. Two days after taking over Johannesburg, the British Authorities re-imposed the pass laws of the Kruger’s ZAR Boer Republic.

Long-standing controls over African labour were restructured and intensified by the apartheid government in the early 1950s. Previously pass laws had varied throughout the provinces, and it was not until 1952 that the use of passes was regularized throughout the country, with the passage of the Native Laws amendment Act and the ironically named Abolition of passes and Co-ordination of Documents Act. Under the Native Laws Amendment Act, African women were for the first time made subject to pass laws. Also in 1952, 'Section 10' legislation was enacted, which denied the right to live in an urban area to any African, male or female, who was not born there, unless that person had lived there continuously for 15 years, or worked under the same employer for 10 years.

The present building at no. 80 Albert Street opened in 1954 as the Non-European Affairs Department. The structure was greatly enlarged in the 1960s in order to accommodate further intensification and scaling-up of influx control under apartheid during that period.

Following the collapse of the pass system in the mid-1980s, the Albert St. building stood empty for a number of years. After being occupied by the Transvaal Provincial Administration in the early 1990s, it was converted into a refuge for women in distress, serving as a hostel for destitute women and their children.

Read more in these articles that appeared on the official Johannesburg and South African websites:

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Johannesburg SPCA Visit to Little Fish:

On Friday 9th February, the Johannesburg SPCA visited the children at the nursery school.  Initially the children were afraid of Laila, the beautiful, fully-trained dog that is owned by animal therapist, Michelle Moll.  But after some stories and encouragement they slowly came to understand that Laila is a friend and wanted to touch her.  The SPCA will be doing regular visits to Little Fish.

Laila and Ms Jay Bradley (CEO
Usindiso) with Dave Thorpe
from the national SPCA.
Michelle and Laila, with the
children and teachers.
Certificate handed to Thandie,
Principal of Little Fish.
Laila joins the picture!

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Kidcare International:

Kidcare International is a Christian organization from Claremont, Los Angeles, USA, that partnered with Usindiso Ministries in 2004. Since then, we have become family and a group, usually led by Pastor Larry Kapchinsky, come to spend time with Usindiso staff and residents at least once a year.

Usindiso Ministries values the relationship and partnership as it is really so good to know that there is a family out there who cares and supports us in what we are doing at Usindiso.

Pastor Larry Kapchinsky Supplies for Usindiso! Ladies who visited in 2006
(Ms. Jay Bradley of Usindiso is
second from left.)
The team

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Little Fish Graduation 2006:

The Little Fish Nursery School Graduation took place on Saturday, the 9th December 2006 at Usindiso. Twelve little ones graduated and will go on to big school in 2007. Usindiso is very proud of the standard that is attained at Little Fish and the children go on into the world well prepared.

The graduating group performed their ‘Cinderella’ play that they had become quite renowned for, being invited on various occasions to perform at events of other organizations. They also performed a piece that spoke out against abuse of children.

The children performed a dance and also recited verse and the alphabet that they had learned.

Reciting The graduates Cinderella in action! Cinderella

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SA Post Office nominates Usindiso to benefit for Christmas 2006

On the 14th of December a function was held at Usindiso, where the SA Post Office handed over Christmas presents to the women and their children. A cash donation was also presented to Usindiso by the SA Post Office. Representatives from the Pretoria and Johannesburg offices were present and Mr. Moses Mogari did the presentation.

Usindiso is greatly honoured to have been chosen as the benefiting organisation.

The programme for the function included the following:

  • A demonstration by the Karate Children
  • A speech on the history and future of the shelter by the CEO and Visionary, Ms Jay Bradley
  • Song items by the women from the shelter
  • A speech by one of the residents, Innocentia Mawele
  • A musical item by twins, Nozuko and Zukiswa Dukimbana, former residents, who are now staff members at Usindiso
  • Programme Director for the function was Usindiso's Operations Manager, Michael Mngadi

Mr. Mogari and Innocentia Songs from residents Absolute delight! Post Office personnel

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Christmas at Usindiso

The Christmas Service and party was held this year (2006) on the 16th December. This was done as many of the women were planning to visit family and friends over the Christmas and New Year period.

The service was held in the chapel on the third floor of the building and the Christmas message was given by Pastor Chris Kruger from Rhema South (also the Treasurer on the Usindiso Board).

The chapel was packed with expectant women and children and some staff members.

The twins, Nozuko and Zukiswa were "Mother Christmases" and helped to hand out the presents to everyone. Many of the gifts had been donated by Investec. Each person also received a T-shirt from Usindiso.

Christmas lunch consisted of a turkey drumstick, veg and salads, with ice cream to follow and was enjoyed by everyone.


The tree and gifts Christmas service Our Mother Christmases! Cuddly toys!

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16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children

This year, 2006, Usindiso was actively involved in the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Towards Women and Children.

First, on the 6th December 2006, a function was held at Usindiso, to promote no violence against women and children. Staff members from SARS (South African Revenue Services) Carlton Centre participated and also cooked and served lunch for the women and children. Open Disclosure, a counselling organisation that works closely with Usindiso also participated in the programme.

The children from Usindiso’s Little Fish Nursery School performed their Cinderella drama and two of the children that graduated this year recited a piece on why children should be kept safe.

A group of the women, who had been practising for a while, sang two songs and were appreciated for their efforts.

A wonderful lunch was served by the staff from SARS Carlton Centre. Thanks to everyone that participated.

On the 12th December, 2006, another event was held in the hall on the ground floor at Usindiso. Operations Manager, Michael Mngadi, was the Programme Director for the event. Participants in the event were:

  • Niomi Dube from SANCA, who motivated the ladies to take some positive steps if they found themselves with a problem with drugs or alcohol.
  • Music group – Time to Time – entertained everyone with their stunning voices.
  • City of Joburg councillors, J. Mkhoza and T. Nontenja, attended the function and encouraged the ladies to take action in their lives.
  • Turning Point – a Christian Music Group from Soweto came to entertain and encourage the ladies. Everyone enjoyed their catchy songs and dance moves.
  • Amber and Oliver from Door of Hope in Berea joined us and also shared about their baby shelter and houses.


Charmaine from SARS Why children should be kept safe Victoria of Open Disclosure SARS staff in the kitchen

Niomi from SANCA Councillors J. Mkhoza and T. Nontenja
Turning Point Amber and Oliver from Door of Hope

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Magic Moments

Magic Moments is a volunteer group, run by Ilana Friedman, which started with the vision of bringing a ‘Magic Moment’ to the underprivileged, especially children. Usindiso has been privileged to receive visits from these kind people several times (see Invitation/Magic Moments for more about their visits). Here we show an occasion where the children at the shelter had the opportunity to make (and eat!) pizzas.


The young pizza-makers at work!

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Greater Good

Greater Good is a non-profit organization, based in Cape Town, which promotes other non-profit organizations in the work that they do. Usindiso registered with Greater Good in 2005.

During 2006, Usindiso was nominated to benefit in two different promotions:

  • An Expo that was held at Sandton City, Johannesburg and Cape Town at the V and A Waterfront. This was to give the nominated organizations a platform to promote themselves.
  • Do-it-Day. This was held on the 20th October 2006, where the public were invited to volunteer at the nominated organization of their choice to fulfill the project of that organization. Usindiso had proposed to paint the middle wing of the fourth floor that is to be a teenage girl’s shelter.


Usindiso's stand at the recent Greater Good SA exhibition, held at Sandton City, Johannesburg and then at the V and A Waterfront in Cape Town.

A team of volunteers (seen at left with Ms. Jay Bradley of Usindiso) hard at work, painting the space for the proposed shelter for teenaged girls.

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