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FNB 2010 Balls Handover

On the 2nd April 2009, the Branch Banking Volunteer Team made up of Regina Thetha, Alucia Grey, Deon Springbok, Nicole Strydom, Yvonne Mkwanazi and Gretchen Koekemoer spent the day blowing up five hundred 2010 FNB Soccer Balls prior to handing them over to the children at Usindiso Ministries. 

What a great day of hard work and fun after, as the children played around with their very own soccer balls.

As the children calm down to have their ice
creams, Nicole Strydom (left) from Branch
Banking Volunteers and Jay Bradley (right) 
from Usindiso Ministries enjoy the quiet time 
after a long hard day of pumping up 500 balls 
and playing with the children. These little 
ones from Usindiso Ministries sure have a 
lot of energy!
The official handover photo - 500 balls.  
Now these two should be related... Yvonne
Mkwanazi with one of the little princesses from Usindiso; she really did creep right into that
soft spot of Yvonne's heart!

Proud Regina holds another princess in the
making from Usindiso, at the 2010 - FNB
Ball handover.

Deon Springbok plays BIG DADDA for
the day, to one of the little boys at Usindiso.
What a great relationship has been
started here today!
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