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Teenage Girls' Shelter

Usindiso's teenage girls' shelter on the 4th floor of the facility at 80 Albert Street opened in September 2007. There is such a need out there, especially in Hillbrow and the Inner City of Joburg, where there are many children and teens out on the streets. 

At present there are 15 girls in the shelter, which has a capacity for 30 girls. All of the girls attend school, which is essential for any girl staying at the shelter. The housemother, Lily Rose, is a qualified school teacher who makes sure that the girls do their homework and study for their tests and exams. We hope to have a good pass rate of our girls this year.

The girls attend youth at the Central Community Fellowship in Hillbrow on Friday evenings, where they learn to interact with other youth and good basic morals and standards are instilled, according to our Christian principles. 

President's Award

Our girls are involved in the President's Award which gives them the opportunity to meet and mix with youth from other areas and also teaches them life skills and values for them to use both now and in their future lives. They need to get involved and work to assist those in need in the community. One of these projects is a Baby Project, where they spent the day taking care of the little ones.


Trainer Michelle Moll from the SPCA taught the girls about respect, both for themselves and for life. It was an eye-opener for the girls to learn that people who abuse animals will also abuse people.


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