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Little Fish Nursery and Pre-School

Little Fish Nursery School originally started in 1992 for the children living in the shelter. In 2003, the school became a part of Usindiso Ministries when it was founded on the 1st July of that same year. Usindiso Ministries cares for the children of the abused and traumatised women in the shelter and those in the surrounding community.

Little Fish is a partial care facility, where up to 30 children are divided into two (2) groups according to their age, this being 3 to 4 years and 5 to 6 years.

It is ensured that the nursery school is safe and clean, the children enjoy healthy meals and their health care is monitored by the staff from the clinic that is on the same premises; all of this adds up to giving the parents peace of mind to leave their children for the daily school hours.

Pre-grade R (3 to 4 years) includes:

  • things to look at, touch, hear, smell, taste - opportunities to explore their world;
  • appropriate language stimulation;
  • support in acquiring new motor skills;
  • language and thinking skills;
  • a chance to develop some independence;
  • help in learning how to control their own behaviour;
  • opportunities to learn to care for themselves;
  • daily opportunity to play with a variety of objects.

Grade R (5 to 6 years) includes:

  • opportunities to develop motor skills;
  • encouragement of language through talking, being read to and singing;
  • activities that will develop a sense of mastery;
  • experimentation with pre-writing and pre-reading skills;
  • hands-on exploration for learning through action;
  • opportunities for taking responsibility and making choices to develop his or her full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential.

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