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Church Services

Usindiso Church started services on the 1st July 2007 (see our original announcement below) with a celebration service. Services are held in the Chapel which was previously the court when the building was still functioning as the ‘Pass Office’.

The Chapel, as it is today.

Sunday Service

Usindiso Church is a Christian church – see Statement of Faith – and services are led by Pastor Jay Bradley on Sunday mornings, starting at 10am.

Other services and meetings are: 

  • Fortnightly Movie Mondays at 7pm
  • Daily Devotions for Staff at 12.00
  • Devotions for Residents Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am
  • Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7pm

Water Baptism Usindiso Style:

Usindiso Church holds a Water Baptism Service at least once a quarter and this takes place in the Baby Day Care bathroom. Water Baptism signifies the dying of the old life of the person and the resurrection of the new life in Jesus.


Induction Service:

An Induction Service was held on the 15th September, where Jay Bradley confirmed her vows of Pastor in front of the church at Usindiso Ministries. The Service was conducted by Rev Colet Bowes and she was prayed for by the Pastors on the Board. The ladies then blessed everyone in song.

Jay confirms her vows.
Jay is prayed for by the pastors on the board of Usindiso. Some of the Usindiso ladies leading the church in song.

CEO and Founder of Usindiso Ministries is Ordained as Pastor:

Jean (Jay) Bradley was ordained on Sunday 5th September 2010 at a service held the Terra Serena Ministries church. The service was officiated by the Reverend Colet Bowes, who has known Jay for many years and is of the opinion that this ordination was long overdue. The Usindiso Teenage Girls sang at the service and did the ministry proud.

Usindiso Teenage Girls singing at the service.
The ordination service. Congratulations!

Baby and child Dedication:

A baby and child Dedication Service was held on the 13th March 2008 and was led by Rev Vern Tisdalle and his wife Esther. 25 Little ones were prayed for as their mothers committed to bring them up in the ways of the Lord. Each child received a certificate to commemorate this special day.

Rev Tisdalle leads the service.
Some of the mothers and little ones in 
Being prayed for and blessed.

Sunday Services start at Usindiso

Usindiso Ministries celebrated it’s 4th birthday on the 1st July 2007 with a great function, and a programme made up of song and dance items from the residents and ministry and motivational participation from the board members. This function also marks the start of Sunday Services at Usindiso, aimed mainly at the residents, but open to everyone who would wish to attend.

Much hard work and many long hours were put in by the residents, as they practiced their items, to make sure that everything was exactly right on the day. The ladies sang, teenagers and children danced and the board members motivated everyone with scripture readings and prayer and Usindiso Ministries was rededicated to the Lord.

After a morning of joy, song and prayer, everyone enjoyed a wonderful lunch that had been prepared by the residents.

The welcome address and
opening prayer was given by
Ms. Jay Bradley.
God's Heart, the message for
the event, was delivered by
Vern Tisdalle.
A poem was recited by Teneshia,
telling how being at Usindiso
has helped her.
A prayer re-dedicating Usindiso
to the Lord, was delivered by
Glyn Weldschidt.
Deputy Chairman of the 
Board, Les Sanabria, sang 
at the celebrations.
Chris Kruger led the
congregation in thanks.
Some young attendees! Vivian Moila delivered a
motivational talk.
A dance by the Usindiso Teenagers.

The Usindiso Karate Kids! The Usindiso Children celebrated with a dance.
The happy congregation.

Congregation at the first of the Sunday Services
held for the residents at Usindiso and people
from the surrounding area.
Some of the Usindiso Board members who
participated in the service and celebrations.

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