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About Usindiso


Usindiso Ministries will offer the best assistance and care that could be given to the abused women, their children and teenage girls, who are accommodated at the shelter and they will be guided towards being restored and healed - physically, emotionally and spiritually, in a facility where all people are treated with respect and dignity and where no person shall be unfairly discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, colour, disability or age. To the glory of God, our Father, through Jesus Christ.


  • Usindiso Ministries offers shelter, basic needs, care, education and social services to abused women, their children and teenage girls.
  • It offers daily care and education to the children who attend the nursery and pre-school.
  • It works towards networking with all like-minded organizations that share a common goal.

Usindiso Advisory Board Members

Glyn Weldschidt serves as Director and Chairperson of the Board. >>

Glyn and his wife, Charmaine, are Senior Pastors of Central Community Fellowship, in the heart of Joubert Park, for the past 5 years. They have two children, Joshua (9) and Matthew (7). Glyn taught for 13 years at various high schools before entering the ministry which equipped him well to work with the young people who make up the bulk of their congregants.

Glyn has a passion for sport, particularly racket sport and outdoor activities.


<< Jean Bradley – Pastor, Executive Director, CEO, Founder & Visionary

Jean (right), known as Jay, is Pastor, Executive Director and CEO, Founder and Visionary of Usindiso Ministries, and has been in full-time ministry since 1995. She has two sons; Llewellyn, who is married to Jessica, and Sean. Jean became a grandmother in 2010, as both sons had babies within two weeks of each other! Llewellyn and Jessica welcomed little Julia, and Sean and Joan welcomed little Jared.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV, reading, and going to the gym.


Chris Kruger – Financial Director. >>

Chris has been married to Carol for 25 years. They have 3 children. Chantal (25), Adrian (20) and Timothy (11). They have one grandson Calum (2 months).

He has served at Rhema South Family Church since 1991 and has been in full time ministry for the last 10 years. He serves as District Pastor, Staff Pastor and Men’s Ministry Coordinator. He is passionate about developing people’s potential and caring for people.

He has served on the board of Usindiso since 2004 in various capacities, namely Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

His hobbies include golf, mountain biking and reading.


<< Ntsayi Ledwaba – Executive Director, Chief Social Worker. 


Virginia Tyler More – elected member. >>

Virginia administers her own payroll office and lives with her two children, Virgil (26) and Amy (22).

In her spare time she enjoys gardening and reading and building up her spiritual life. She has been a member of the IAG church for many years.


<< Joseph Letlala – Elected Member.

Joseph Letlala runs the Tswelopele Frail Care facility in Hillbrow. He has dedicated his life to making the lives of the outcasts of society comfortable and fulfilled.


Vivian Theresa Moila – elected member. >>

Vivian is a Portfolio Manager of Women, Youth and Children’s projects for the Transnet Foundation and with a social work background, has an absolute passion for making empowerment issues work for young children, women and men of all ages in our fledgling democracy.

She is a single parent of four adorable daughters who have given her an immense education and insight into young people’s lives, particularly women.


<< Thandiwe Baleni – Elected Member and Project Co-ordinator.


Errol Goldstone – elected member. >>


<< Vernon and Esther Tisdalle -  honorary members. 

Vern and Esther Tisdalle returned home to the USA in May 2008 after having completed many years as missionaries to Africa with the Assemblies of God. They served faithfully on the board of Usindiso Ministries from 2003 and their valuable input, advice and encouragement is sorely missed.

The Usindiso Board voted them honorary members of Usindiso Ministries after their departure and even though they are now far away, their relationship with Usindiso Ministries will continue.


Larry Kapchinsky – honorary member. >>

Larry Kapchinsky, president of KidCare International and pastor of Granite Creek Community Church in Claremont, California, lives with his wife of 41 years and his 19 year old daughter. With a passion to help suffering children while obeying the mandate of God’s word, Larry believes the word of God is to be active. "I believe we must do more than 'read' the Bible, we must 'do' the Bible," says Larry.

As his passion for 'Doing the Bible' grew, KidCare International began in 1991 after the fall of Communism, opening up the door to humanitarian aid in Russia. During the hard Russian winters when the temperature plunged to 40° below zero, orphanage children did not have adequate clothing or footwear and barely survived on 3¢ worth of food a day. Larry gathered a group of other concerned individuals and began travelling to Russia, and hand-delivering basic essentials to the Russian orphans. As word spread of the deplorable conditions in these orphanages, the number of volunteers and volume of relief donations increased exponentially. People saw the need and were moved to action.

In 2004, KidCare expanded its borders and began its partnership with the USINDISO Center in Johannesburg in South Africa. KidCare International sent a 40 foot ocean-freight container filled with hospital and medical supplies to help to USINDISO in the formation stages of the dream to one day open a clinic to serve the suffering people of downtown Johannesburg. The container also carried needed paint, clothing, shoes, food, and furniture.

Today, KidCare International continues to support the vision of the USINDISO center with its regular financial contributions, prayer, and counsel, and by sending teams of volunteers to teach and encourage.

Larry Kapchinsky carries on his mission to 'do' the Bible by offering continued support, counsel, prayer and encouragement to the mission of the USINDISO Center.


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